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The branch is run entirely by volunteers. We would be very interested in hearing from anyone who would like to join us. We would really like to welcome new committee members, fundraisers, Association Visitors (AVs) or Care Service Navigators. Even if you can only help for a few hours at occasional events we would love to hear from you. At the moment our greatest need is for AVs and a Branch Secretary, see details below.


Volunteer secretarial roles – can you help?

We are still looking for secretarial support to the Branch Committee to be responsible for effective communications within the Branch. We think this might work well as split roles and could for example be made up of; General Branch Secretary, Membership Secretary and Open Meeting Secretary.


Please contact us if you think you might be able to help.


General Branch Secretary

As the General Branch Secretary the main activities include: Taking the lead, in consultation with the Chair and other Committee Members, in setting and issuing the Branch Committee Meeting agenda and committee papers, provide secretarial support at the meeting including taking the minutes. Writing up the minutes and action plan and circulating these by email after the meetings.

  • Dealing with correspondence by email, telephone and post as required.
  • Ad hoc tasks such as a Festive (December) contacts mailing to people affected by Motor Neurone Disease (MND), and occasional branded clothing orders.
  • Preparing the paperwork for circulation at the AGM. Attending the AGM and taking the minutes. Writing these up for final approval.
  • Keeping and filing appropriate documentation in compliance with data protection requirements.

The role is reasonably flexible – although attendance at the Branch Committee Meetings and the AGM is required, and activity will tend to concentrate around these meetings. The role is expected to take around 16 days per year in total.


Membership Secretary

As the Membership Secretary the main activities include:

  • Updating the Branch membership records approximately fortnightly, with reference to new branch contact details received and information on the National Office database.
  • In advance of Branch Committee Meetings, provide hard copies of the membership records for committee members as necessary. Updating the Chair regarding the number of people with Motor Neurone Disease (MND).
  • In advance of Association Visitor meetings (approximately six times per year) providing details of people with Motor Neurone Disease (MND).
  • In advance of the Annual General Meeting (AGM), Open Meetings and December mailing, providing the Open Meetings Secretary/General Secretary with address labels for the mailings and an updated email listing.
  • Keeping and filing appropriate documentation in compliance with data protection requirements.

The role is expected to take around 5 days per year in total (more if you choose to attend the meetings).


Open Meetings Secretary

The role primarily involves drafting the invitations for our two Open Meetings and for the Annual General Meeting (AGM), issuing these by mail and email, and logging details of attendees. Attendance at the Open Meetings and the AGM which are held at various locations in Norfolk usually on a Sunday is optional.


The role is reasonably flexible with timing to fit around your lifestyle – although activity will tend to concentrate around a month in advance of the two Open Meetings (usually held in June and November) and the AGM (usually held in April). The role is expected to take around 5.5 days per year in total.


* * * * *


Good written and verbal communication, organisational skills and IT skills (Word, Excel and email) are required for all roles. Good writing skills would be an advantage, although we have recent examples of correspondence, meeting agendas and minutes, meeting invitations examples for guidance. Training and induction for all roles will be provided and travel/direct cost expenses are reimbursable.


Role of Committee Members

We need volunteers to join our branch committee and help us continue making a difference locally for those affected by MND. The main responsibilities include attendance at committee meetings that take place every 2 months. At the meetings we receive reports from the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Campaigns Contact and, crucially, make decisions on requests for funding. Arrangements are made for forthcoming events. Issues arising from the MND Association volunteering e-bulletin released each month are discussed and local implications considered.



Our vision to create a world free from motor neurone disease. Join our strong volunteering community today and be part of something bigger. All we need is you, your skills and your time. Wherever you are, however many hours you have to give, those living with motor neurone disease will feel the impact of your support.


Other roles


We particularly need

  • some new ideas on fundraising
  • person to arrange and coordinate bucket collections
  • new ideas for raising awareness of MND
  • possibility of organising an annual Walk to D’Feet
  • Association Visitors.  For an explanation of what an Association Visitor does and how to find out more click here
  • maybe you have skills that you think might help even though they are not listed, please talk with us!


Contact Us if you are interested in joining us or would like to attend a committee meeting to get a feel for what the role might involve.