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The MND Association produces a very wide range of publications including leaflets and comprehensive guidelines on aspects of care management all of which are available via the main website and follow links to publications either as downloads or to order by post by contacting the MND Connect team on 0808 802 6262.


The branch plays an active part in liaising and networking with health and social care professionals aiming for the best possible care for people with MND. Our initial goal is to publicise the events being hosted by the Motor Neurone Disease Association in East Anglia.


MND is a relatively rare disease so it is important that the branch supports extra training and education about MND care for health and social care professionals.


A forum for health and social care professionals to share expertise and support each other with the challenges of supporting those with motor neurone disease.

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Red Flag Diagnosis tool:

The MND Association has been working with The Royal College of General Practitioners on an early diagnosis of MND and a new Red Flag tool which will help reduce inaccurate referrals and therefore reduce the time to diagnosis.


You can download the Red Flag diagnosis tool here:


Just in case kit.

Just In Case Kit

We’re pleased to announce the launch of the updated Just in Case kit which is designed to hold medication that may be needed if a person with MND experiences a sudden change in symptoms such as breathlessness, coughing or choking.


Just in case kit 2016The kit must be ordered from MND Connect by a GP who will prescribe medications to be kept in the kit. The box has two sections: one for medications that can be used by a doctor or nurse, and the other for medications that can be used by a carer.


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 Augmentative and alternative communication for MND

Best practice for professionals - follow the link for a range of information.


Recent Events for Professionals:


3rd November 2016 Assistive Technology & Wheelchairs Event

The event, hosted by the MND Association, was free to attend. It was open to people living with MND, their carers and families, and health and social care professionals. Throughout the day a number of products were exhibited by the leading Augmentative and Alternative Communication suppliers, and by two wheelchair suppliers.

A presentation on Communication Aid provision was given jointly by Jon Rouston (Electronic Assistive Technology Service, Lincoln) and Charlotte Smith (Communication Aid Service, East of England). The link shows the area covered by the service and the criteria for its use. This was followed by two presentations on wheelchair provision, the first was given by Claire McGrenaghan, (Northamptonshire Wheelchair Service), the second was given by Dr Linda Walker (Cambridge Wheelchair Service).


Lunch was provided. During the break there was time for attendees to look at the exhibitions. Other events are planned at different locations around the country.


In the afternoon Alex Winterbone, Suffolk Environmental Controls and Wheelchair Service spoke about Environmental Control Provision, which in Norfolk is accessed through the Occupational Therapists. The final presentation of the day came from Matthew Hollis of the MND Association, who spoke about voice banking.


The day provided a very useful opportunity for people to ask questions about Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), Environmental Control (EC) and Wheelchair options. It also gave a better understanding of the systems in place for health and social care professionals involved in providing equipment, and the challenges faced by people living with MND.